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Quality soccer drills at your fingertips

  • a fantastic 100+ soccer games, activities and practice drills currently listed.
  • most drills include possible changes to make them more accessible for beginners or provide greater challenge for older, more experienced players.
  • clear, step-by-step diagrams and explanations in easy to print pdf format, now backed up with new animations of many drills.
  • drills are generally suitable for U6+ or those with limited experience of playing soccer (though some take more organisation than others) unless labelled as follows:

(I) Intermediate Level - generally suitable for U10+ or those of an appropriate skill level.

(A) Advanced Level - generally suitable for U14+ or those of an appropriate skill level.

******NOW AVAILABLE******

Soccer Drills: A Guide for all Levels of Ability

A new book with all your favourites from the site plus over another 80 completely new and exciting drills.

Go on a fantastic Animal Safari or take a ride on a Pirate Ship. Face up to Swamp Monsters, take on the evil

Dementors or journey into the Bermuda Triangle (plus many, many more).